The workshop rotates among the various institutions represented in the core group. The workshop features a small number of select papers (around 10-12) presented in seminar length time slots (between an hour and 90 minutes). There is usually no open call for papers; participation in the workshop is by invitation only. Each workshop is arranged by an organizing committee comprising of three members working in consultation with the rest of the core group.

The workshop is not restricted by field – we are open to all areas in economics. Participants will be expected to transcend narrow field interests to attend all sessions and offer their ideas freely. For example, we believe theorists can benefit greatly from talking to researchers who are familiar with relevant data and empirical economists can similarly gain from a theorist’s perspective on the patterns they have uncovered. The purpose is to bring in a multiplicity of perspectives and look at a research question from many angles, in addition to getting the specialist’s feedback on technical implementation of a research program.

The first workshop was hosted by the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad in July 2015.

The second workshop was at Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research in July 2016.

The third workshop was hosted by Ashoka University in July 2017.

The fourth workshop was at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore in July 2018.

The fifth workshop was hosted by Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in July 2019.