SERI was set up to create a community of scholars affiliated with Indian institutions who are engaged in cutting-edge research in economics. There are currently a number of research oriented economics and business departments in the country. However, there is no strong network connecting them. Given the small size of many departments and the increasing specialization within the discipline, researchers often find themselves relatively isolated and deprived of intellectual exchange that is so vital to academic life. While some interaction happens through personal contact, seminars and conferences, there is clearly a need to exploit our synergies better. SERI’s exclusive mission is to pursue this goal. It will promote research collaboration, information sharing and peer critique among scholars based in India.

Economics Department SERI Conference (136)Economics Department SERI Conference (198)

The main platform for pursuing this goal is an annual workshop where members and other invited speakers can present their ongoing research to each other and receive feedback. The workshop is conceived to allow greater engagement than is possible under the usual conference format. There will be a small number of papers and participants, longer time slots to allow detailed exposition and discussion, and plenty of mingling over meals and refreshments. Future plans also include more specialized workshops in particular areas of interest, especially in collaboration with funding agencies interested in disseminating research results in narrower field.

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